This form fantastic “Underwater great walls”, cut with many crevices, clefts, large caves and hanging masses of coral. On these unique coral reefs, a tremendous collection of marine life thrives : red and orange encrusting sponges, Christmas-tree worms, basket and tube sponges, soft and hard corals of all colors, sea-fan, anemones guarded by clown fish while the larger pelagic species cruise in the distance.

Often seen are giant napoleon wrasse, angel fish, turtles, eagle ray, sharks, barracudas, pilot whales and dolphins. In short, over 3000 species of marine animals found here including the “infamous” pigmy seahorse – the size of your small finger nail!! Rated by Rodale’s Scuba Diving as No. 1 wall dive in the world – jan/feb 2001.


A beautiful city on the northern tip of Sulawesi, the orchid shape island previously known as the orchid shape island previously known as “Celebes” it is the South of the Philippines and sits astride the equator. Manado, the accessible travel destination, offers many unique and unmatched sea and land attractions.

Especially fascinating are the dive sites with an endless variety of dive programs. You can dive from the flat reefs to dramatic drop-offs, experience drift or current dives as well as wreck and night dives. Awaiting you on the surface is fascinating “Land of the Minahasa”. This is where you’ll meet the delightful light-skinned s Minahasan people with their quick smiles and keen interest in visitors.

The water temperature remains about 30C (84F) all year around. Excellent diving conditions can be found any time of the year, disturbed only by the occasional monsoon squall. In this case, the diving activities will be on the opposite coast, the Lembeh Island. Coral reef formations begin with flat reef to about 3m deep, then it either slopes down forming underwater alleys, or drop off vertically hundreds of meters.